3 Fantastically Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is nearly upon us and we wanted to celebrate our brand new design, the Animal Skull, by suggesting three really quick and easy ways you can turn the mask into a complete costume. Read on for our tips.


The Suit

Halloween Costume Suit and Skull

How To

It is easy to make a fantastically sinister entrance by simply teaming the macabre monochrome animal skull with a well fitted black suit and tie and a crisp white shirt.  This is a Blues Brothers / Reservoir Dogs meets Halloween look of champions. If you already have a suit hanging in your closet? This it the best costume for maximum effect with minimum effort.

Skull and suit easy halloween costume

The Frida Kahlo 

Mexican Skull Halloween Costume

How To

Here in the UK we are a long way away from Mexico, where they celebrate their dear departed family and friends on La Dias de los Muertos with the colour and vibrancy we can only dream of here. But embracing the Mexican aesthetic of colour + colour + more colour can be a super easy yet stylish way to create a memorable Halloween fancy dress costume.

To create a Day of the Dead look search out all of the colourful clothes, scarves and accessories you have in your closet and use them to create your own take on a traditional multi layered Mexican look. Then add flowers, lots of fake flowers.  If you happen to have a flower garland lying forgotten under your bed, left over from your last summer festival - you are in luck. Just crown your animal skull with a garland of flowers (remember to secure it with tape, string or wire). 

Mexican day of the dead outfit
Summer Meadow Floral Crown by GG's Pin-Up Culture via notonthehighstreet £40; BeckSonderGaard Aboyo Scarf £19.45 via surfdome ; Green Maxi Dress from Boohoo £25



skeleton skull halloween costume

What is a skull without the rest of the skeleton? It's really easy to complete the body (we have opted for a human skeleton, no one wants to have to walk around on their hands and knees). There are many printed bodysuits and jumpers available to buy online that will instantly transform your body into a skeleton.  But if you want to save your pennies, and the environment too (lets face it, you will only wear that skeleton bodysuit once) then you can make your own skeleton using paper. 

Dig out some black leggings and a black hoodie, although if you have one, a turtle neck is best. Take 3-4 sheets of white paper, stack them up and draw some simple bone shapes.  Then cut them out and fix them to your outfit using safety pins. (Do not use sticky tape - I learnt that the hard way when my bones started dropping like flies). 

diy skeleton skull halloween outfitsSkeleton bodysuit from Amazon £18.49


So there you have it, three ridiculously easy ways to upgrade your Zoofold Animal Skull mask from ok, to darn right fabulous, without having to spend a thing. So bring on Halloween - we're more than ready for it!

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