How to Hang Your Zoofold


Although you can just pin your Zoofold mask to the wall using a nail, there is a much better way to hang it that will show it to its full potential. It easily holds the mask in place without damaging it and won't cost you a penny! So you can simply lift it out if you want to show it to someone, or wear it to an event.

Follow this tutorial to learn the secret!


You will need:

  • some very thick card or board cut to 16x14cm  (the hard back of a drawing pad can work)
  • a craft knife
  • a metal ruler
  • a pencil

Follow these instructions for a quick and easy way to hang your mask:

Step 1:  

Take the back of the Zoofold and trace it's shape onto the middle of the card.

Trace around the Zoofold mask

Step 2:  
Using a craft knife, cut around three sides of the shape, leaving the bottom edge uncut.
Step 3:  
Pin the card piece onto the wall (you could also use flat head nails).

Step 4:  

Set the adjustable headband a little tight to help keep the Zoofold's shape.

Step 5:  

To hang - slot the back of the mask onto the cut shape. 


Badger Zoofold


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