DIY Group Costume How To: Hunting Trophies

The Sunday Times recently referred to our folding Zoofold masks as 'vegetarian taxidermy', which got us thinking about how to create a really easy Hunting Trophy group costume using our animal masks as a starting point.

This fantastic group costume idea is really quick to make in just four easy steps. I managed to make mine in under an hour using a few things I already had around the home as well as, of course, an animal mask or two.

You will need: 

  • cardboard
  • craft knife
  • brown paint
  • paintbrush
  • a sheet of gold or silver card 
  • permanent black pen

Step 1

Take a sheet of cardboard ( minimum 50cm x 50cm / 20" x 20" ) 

Using a pencil, draw a large shield shape on it, and draw a circle in the middle approx 14cm diameter.

Taxidermy costume how to cardboard

Step 2

Using a sharp craft knife, cut out the shield shape and centre circle. 

Use the knife to also cut a line between the neck hold and the top centre of the shape. 

Then score two lines on either side of this line. You will use these to bend the sides of the opening in order to fit the shape onto your neck.

cut cardboard costume taxidermy

Step 3

Mix up some brown acrylic paint to a mahogany colour and paint your board. 

For the best effect, use a few different shades of brown, or mix up some brown using lots of other colours to create a streaky woodgrain effect when you paint. You can also add some PVA glue to the mix to increase the shininess and better resemble a varnished plaque.

Then, using a lighter shade of brown, paint some detail around the edges, to suggest a thick, bevelled edge. 

painting cardboard costume diy

Step 4 

Using some metallic card, gold would be best, but I went for silver as I already had some. Cut a small name plate to add to your taxidermy plaque and complete the look.

Then use a permanent pen to add some text. Although traditionally you might mark the date and location of the kill, seeing as no animals were harmed for the making of this costume I opted for : 'Red Fox, Vulpes Vulpes' as I was planning to use the Zoofold Fox mask to complete the costume.

Once the paint is dry attach your nameplate with double sided tape or glue, and then you are good to go. 

red fox vulpes vulpes DIY 

Group Tips

You can use this easy costume technique to create fantastic group costume. I have used the three Woodland Zoofold animals to make a group costume for three, but for four people it would also work if you added the Ram's Skull mask.  

DIY taxidermy group fancy dress costume

Do you have more people in your group?

Why not dress someone up as the proud hunter - simply grab a tweed suit, flat cap or deer stalker, pipe and some green wellies. 


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