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10 Best Badger Buys

We love badgers! But we also love good design. So we have compiled a list of our favourite badger design items the web has to offer. Look below for great gifts ideas for every badger-lover out there.

badger gifts

1.  Badger Cushion Blue - £75 - Donna Wilson

2.  Badger Pattern Round Footstool - £300 - by Orwell & Goode

3.  Silver Badger Ring - £299 - by Jon Forster

4.  Badger Jug - £17.95 - by Quail

5.  Mr Badger Cufflinks - £30 - by And Mary

6.  Billie Badger Felt Slippers - £29.95 - by Sew Heart Felt

7.  Shrewd Badger Soft Toy - €50 - by WoodlandTale

8.  Badger Couple Art Print - $85 - by Jen Moules

9.  Sleeping Badger Lino Print - €10 - MilamadeIlustration

10. Badger Folding Mask - £16.75 - Zoofold (that's us!) 

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10 Delightful Deer

Like Bambi ? Well then these design gifts will be right up your street. Here is a collection of some of the coolest deer themed items on the market. Perfect to buy for a deer loving friend - or just for yourself.

gift deer collection shopping

1.  Personalised Stag Book Stamp - £25 - Bloomfield & Rolfe

2.  Neon Stag Print - £14.95 - Of Life & Lemons

3.  I Want my Hat Back p.17 Print - $30 - John Klassen via Gallery Nucleus

4.  Oak Deer Shelf - €2700 - Be Design

5.  Zoofold Deer Hat - £16.50 - Zoofold (thats us!)

6.  Adorable Animals Temporary Tattoo - £6 - Tattyoo

7.  Stag stud earrings - £27.50 - Amanda Coleman

8. Geometric Animal Embroidery - P.O.A - Jordan Strickland Morris

9.  Little Deer Sweater - £50 - Aloha From Deer

10. Metal Antler Coat Rack - €40.65 - Metalya

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10 Fantastic Fox Finds

What is it about foxes that we are all drawn to? Foxes are beautiful, elegant animals, reminiscent of our domestic cats and dogs, but they have a wild glint in their eyes. Whatever it is that we love about foxes - it seems we just can't get enough. 

This selection of our favourite 10 foxy designs and gifts is just the tip of the iceberg of what the internet has to offer. Perfect for finding a nice present for the fox-lover in your life!

gift foxes


1.  Road Fox Art Print - $37 - by Kevin Russ

2.  Handmade ceramic cup set - €59 - by Marinski Heartmades

3.  Prowling Fox Ring - £150 - by Alex Monroe

4.  Sly Fox Door Knocker - £24 - by Anthropologie

5.  Jack the Fox - €136 - by Tricot by Tricot

6.  Fox Mug - £17.50 - by Fenella Smith

7.  Zoofold Fox Mask - £16 - by Zoofold (that's us!) 

8.  Giant Creature, made to order - £470 - by Donna Wilson

9.  Fox & Cubs Lampshade - £32 - by Lush Designs

10. Fox Mask Hanger - $55 - by Article

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Our Top Five Fictional Foxes

Our Top Five Fictional Foxes

Just like their real life counterparts foxes in fiction have a tendency to be seen as mysterious, cunning and sly. Originating with a French story from the Middle Ages about Reynard the Fox, the personality traits attributed to our furry fictional friends ( or foes) have remained to this day. But being tricksters doesn't mean they can't also be lovable. Below we sum up our favourite fictional foxes.

'Mr Fox' Image by Lucius Kwok


The fox straight from the imagination everybody's favourite children's author, Roald Dahl, simply had to be at number one. Especially since having been brought to the big screen by director & visionary, Wes Anderson, in the beautiful stop-motion film Fantastic Mr Fox. Mr Fox, voiced by George Clooney is the charming, cunning and reckless character we recognise from the original book. He has a one-track-mind focused on CHICKENS, and winding up the evil farmers: Boggis, Bunce and Bean! All the while his loving and tolerant wife, voiced by Meryl Streep, stands by his side. We just love him!

Robin Hood directed by Wolfgang Reitherman and produced by Walt Disney Productions, 1973 (image)


In our opinion, Disney's charming and handsome cartoon fox is one of the best Robin Hood movies of all time, second only to Mel Brook's Men in Tights. Though based on a real figure from English history, there isn't much reality left in this tale. Disney's Robin Hood is a lovable rogue with a bow and arrow, and we watch him mischievously rob from the rich with fox-like cunning, With a cheeky glint in his eye, he woos the foxy Maid Marion, for sure the prettiest fox in fiction. 

Nelson surrounded by his pals - Mongrels BBC3


Not as well known as some of the other foxes on our list, Mongrels is something of a cult TV sitcom from 2010 featuring puppet animals who live in a garden in East London. Don't be fooled by the puppets, this is not a show for children. Vince & Nelson are the stars of the show: Nelson, a middle-class, Guardian-reading 'actor' fox desperate for a part in BBC's Springwatch is the polar opposite to potty-mouthed, violent and frankly psychopathic Vince. But the pair and their friends are a joy to watch. Hilarious!

Swiper - from Dora the Explorer


Although we are a little old to be watching Dora the Explorer, the children's cartoon that teaches Spanish words to children. There is one character that charms the bloody socks off us: Swiper, With chants of 'Swiper - No Swiping! ... while he tries to nick things out of Dora's backpack. Oh Maaaaaan! We don't know why we love him, we just do. Don't know what we're talking about? Check him out here.

Nick Wild - from Disney's Zootropolis


Its a new one this, but we think Nick Wild from Disney's brand new movie Zootropolis is a fabulous addition to the legacy of fictional foxes. Keeping true to fictional fox character: Nick the fox, voiced by Jason Bateman, is a sly con artist who partners up with the Bunny lead Judy Hopps to help solve the case.

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