The London Marathon proves that running really is a spectator sport!

rhino marathon runner


Once a year, London witnesses something truly amazing, a herd of 17 rhinos stampeding through London, and with them, 40,000 others, most raising and amazing amount of money for good causes while they go.

I've loved watching the London Marathon ever since I was a child, and it has nothing to do with the excitement of watching the elite runners shave 2 seconds off their personal bests (to be honest I couldn't care less). The joy of the marathon is the phenomenal sight of tens of thousands of people, of all different ages, abilities & backgrounds running together, whilst us spectators applaud and shout encouragement from the sidelines.

The real fun then comes from the amazing people who, as if running 26 miles wasn't painful enough, decide to wear a costume as they run. They are fantastic human beings who not only raise huge amounts for charities, but put a smile on everyone's faces at the same time! Well done fancy dress marathon runners! Here at Zoofold - we salute you!

This year our favourite fancy dress athletes included a Giant Boob, running for Breast Cancer, a man on a baby's shoulders, Sponge Bob Square Pants and a Whoopie Cushion. Here's a look of some of our favourite fancy dress costumes we spotted during this year's London Marathon.

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