The Woodland Sett


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Save yourself some money when buying all three Woodland Zoofolds: 

The Woodland Sett features the Fox, Badger & Deer.

While they can be appreciated as beautiful design objects in their own right, the real joy of a Zoofold is in the wearing, sharing, and showing off! As well as making a striking and stand-out costume for festivals and parties, the Zoofolds have been thoughtfully devised for maximum flexibility and ease of use: they can easily be worn on top of the head as a hat, or slipped down over the face as a mask. This adaptability gives partygoers the freedom to eat,drink, and chat without the clumsiness or discomfort that can ruin an otherwise perfect costume. 

Each Zoofold arrives pre-printed and pre-cut into 2-3 pieces, ready for you to assemble at home. There is no need for scissors or glue, as each Zoofold is hand finished with double-sided tape already applied to the numbered joining tabs. Just fold, peel, and stick using the numbered tabs to guide you. It only takes around 15mins.

The fun, folding element means that the mask has a quirky and origami-like handmade feel, while the vivid layering of digital brushwork and photography means that every detail of the animal’s features are carefully rendered with life-like fidelity.

This Zoofold is printed on 100% recycled card. Laminated for strength and durability with bio-degradable lamination.

Inside each box:

  • 2-3 pieces, pre cut & pre-taped
  • 1 adjustable head strap
  • 3 pairs of plastic snaps to fix the headband (one is a spare)
  • 1 instruction leaflet

Zoofold's contain small parts so are not suitable for small children. 

Please Note: Zoofolds are currently undergoing testing to achieve a CE safety mark. Until we have attained a CE mark this product cannot be sold to children aged 14 and under. Thank you for your understanding.

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