How to Make Your Mask


How To Fold a Zoofold Fox

Watch this video to see how you turn the flat-pack Fox into it's 3D form. 

More videos coming soon.

Instruction Booklet

Each Zoofold mask comes with its own printed instruction booklet, as well as everything you need to make your paper animal. Follow these instructions for the best results.

Its as easy as 1,2,3!instruction booklet

1. Start by folding along every fold line ( Do not skip this step )

This makes it quicker to build and the finished result look its best. Start by folding the perforated lines, there are less of them and they are harder to spot. Try looking for them from the white side of the paper where they stand out more. 

2. Peel & Stick

Start by sticking the Black Numbered tabs, working in numberical order. Work slowly and line up the edges as neatly as possible. The adhesive can be very sticky and you will not be able to reposition tabs once they are fixed.

3. Affix Headband

Use the plastic snaps provided to fix the headband in place. It should be pulled tight if hanging on the wall, and fixed to a snug fit around the back of your head if wearing like a hat. 

* Videos coming soon *


Please Note:

Zoofold masks are designed for adults and teenagers (ages 14+). They are unsuitable for younger children.